Which photos are accessible

By default PhotosIndex proposes to use only your Camera folder, but if you open PhotosIndex Settings module you can include or exclude other directories. The only restriction is the file extension which should be JPG (JPEG).

How to create a tag

Go to settings module and choose 'List of tags' option. You can also access to this module via the association module where you have the link to 'Create new tag'.

Which tag should I choose

Mainly you have to create one tag for each of your family members or friends but there is not technical limit, we can imagine to have a tag for a location, pet, activity...

How to associate my keywords

Once your keywords have been created (see here before), you just have to open the keyword association module and either click on the microphone to associate via speeker, or click on the (+) button to associate via check boxes.

How to search my photos

Once tags have been associated to yours photos, open the search module and chose a tag or a tags combination. The checkbox enables to search photos containing only selected tags or at least selected tags. When search is finished a photos grid appears, you can click on the one you want to access to the slideshow.

How to see tags under windows

You just have to click on your file and to go in properties then in Detail tab, you will have a screen where you can see the tags field

How to trigger a search by tag under windows

Follow the process described in next screenshots, here we select only photos having Peter (7 photos on 10 existing photos)