PhotosIndex is a Photo management      application

In our phones we keep so many pictures that it is often difficult to find a specific one

PhotosIndex is an Android application which enables to associate keywords to photos (1) and to search them easily (2)

Imagine on the phone we have the photos below of Mary and Peter, two members of the family or friends or other...

PhotosIndex uses camera folder by default, but via the settings you can choose other folders, and, you have to create your keywords (Here Mary and Peter)

Once keywords are created simply link them to each of your photos via keyboard or microphone, here Mary linked to photoexample03.jpg

Later to find a picture just use the search module. Enter criteria (here Mary+Peter) and start your search!

PhotosIndex uses the EXIF IPTC standard then no risk to damage your photos, no need of database. The keywords are stored in the JPEG file

PhotosIndex uses the XPKeyword TAG, created by Microsoft, so if you copy your photos on Windows PC you keep benefit of your associations